Golden Globe observations

Since I had an event to attend, I had to DVR the Globes.  Nothing I like better than to watch these award shows in my pajamas!  Anyhow, after watching the event here are some thoughts!

Tiny and Amy were hilarious!  Beautiful couples, Nicole and Keith, Daniel Craig (Bond, James Bond) and Rachel Weisz, George and Stacey (um, I’ll take Brad and Angie who were not there).

Jessica Chastain, love her!  Jennifer Lawrence, what a shinning star she is!  Jodie Foster, Kleenex moment!  Kate Hudson, gorgeous!   So many great moments!  But, the moment of the night, Ben Affleck winning Best Director for Argo as well as Argo winning Best Picture.  Affleck should have received an Oscar nomination.  He did not (although Argo did get nominated for Best Picture).  Still, karma is a wonderful thing!  He won the Critics Choice Award for Best Director and now the Golden Globe for Best Director.  Well deserved!!

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