Good news/bad news for Celtics

One of those days.  Good news and bad news for the Boston Celtics.  Boston defeats the defending world champion Miami Heat in the Garden, 100 – 98 in double OT.  Bad news, Rajon Rondo has a torn ACL and is likely lost for the rest of the season.  He sustained the injury in a game against the Atlanta Hawks last Friday.  Big loss for the Celtics but they looked really good today at home.  Rondo leads the NBA in assists and had been named as a starter on the All Star team for the first time in his career (4th time on all star roster).  Still, great win for the Celtics!

Currently, the Lakers and OKC are locked in a tight duel in the Staples Center.  Lakers lead 97 – 91 with just over three minutes in the fourth period.  Really like what I am seeing from the Lakers today.  Kobe Bryant is on the verge of a triple double.  Kobe the facilitator!  Also, Pau Gasol is getting time in the post which is what needs to happen.  Put Gasol at center, Dwight Howard at power forward.  World Peace having a great game as is Steve Nash.  Let’s wait and see if they hold on.  Perhaps this new formula we saw evidence of in their win over the Jazz is what they have been searching for to succeed.

In college basketball, big win for 7 Indiana over 13 Michigan State, 75 – 70.

Update: final from LA – Lakers 105 – OKC 96.  Big win for the Lakers.  Second game in a row Kobe has had 14 assists (also had 21 points). Steve Nash adds 17 points.  OKC has best record in NBA but this game showed the Lakers they can win against the best and this is how they need to play.  Here’s to hoping they carry this momentum forward!

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