Half The Sky part 2

I have not had the opportunity to watch this important documentary in detail yet.  That being said, some interesting observations from part 2 are as follows;

Diane Lane spent time in Somaliland where 1 in 12 women die giving birth!  Moreover, and more horrifying, a lot of time was devoted to detailing the horrifying genital mutilation of young girls in this part of world.

America Ferrera traveled throughout India and observes and meets with a woman (Urmi Basu) who attempts to encounter young girls in dangerous alleyways and discourage them from heading down the road of prostitution.  She is devoted to breaking the caste system that currently exists there.

Lighter TV update:  On Parenthood, another Friday Night Lights alum appears as a guest star, the cute Luke who plays a confused and struggling veteran returning from several tours of duty in Afghanistan.

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