Halftime at the BCS Championship Game…

Halftime from the BCS game in Miami, oh my, what can you say?  Alabama 28 – Notre Dame 0

Where is Oregon?  I gotta say, I wanted to see Oregon vs. Bama in this game.  Why, oh why did Oregon lose to Stanford in OT at home?  (I would even take Stanford vs. Alabama as an alternative at this point?)

OK, let’s deal with this.  Alabama has 309 yards in total offense, Notre Dame has 124.  This game has been completely controlled by Bama at the line of scrimmage.  It is a bit of a dud for those of us who wanted to see a great, competitive game.  Take nothing away from Alabama.   But, what if things had gone differently and Oregon and the “quack attack” vs. the great Bama and the SEC was on display?

I guess I must quit lamenting about this but I am disappointed so far in this game.  At least the weather is nice.  Back in 2010 when I had the pleasure of going to the Orange Bowl when Georgia Tech played Iowa, it was so cold, so cold!  The coldest game in the history of the Orange Bowl.  The National Championship was in beautiful Pasadena, CA that year.  What can you say?  Maybe it is all about timing!

Here’s to hoping for a better second half and Notre Dame making a game out of this!

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