Halftime at the Super Bowl

Halftime at the Super Bowl and the Ravens are getting it done.  They lead 21 – 6.  WOW!  And I picked the 49ers…guess there is still another half to play but things are going to have to go in a different direction for San Francisco to pull this one out.  Joe Flacco has been tres impressive as has his receivers, RB Ray Rice, and the Ravens defense.  Big interception for New Orleans native Ed Reed, tying the record for most interceptions in the postseason.  49ers QB Kaepernick has looked uncertain at times and a very costly fumble by Lamichael James did not help San Fran’s cause.   Two turnovers by the 49ers and zero by the Ravens in the first half.  Very testy first half…got to wander what it was like in the Harbaugh household when these two boys (John and Jim) were growing up??

Halftime performance by Beyonce and then the second half…will wrap this up later (or tomorrow!)

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