Happy Thanksgiving to everyone ( a few days early)!

I am leaving tomorrow morning for a little get away to visit some of my friends at Lido Beach, yes that would be in Sarasota, FL, the setting of my book Surviving “Paradise”.  So, for the first time in over two years, I am returning to “Paradise”!  I have not seen some of my dear friends in sometime, see Beach People, chapter 8 in my book (Surviving “Paradise” by Susan Willoch Shaver)!

They are wonderful people and I am so looking forward to seeing them.  Some of them I have not had the pleasure of seeing in over two and a half years.  One of my good buds I did get to see last year at Thanksgiving.

Anyhow, I want to let all you wonderful people who are following this blog know that I will be away and wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving.  To any of you who are traveling like me, safe travels!

I will be returning home by week’s end, and will be back with you to blog about all of next weekend’s rivalry games!!!


Again, Happy Thanksgiving and thanks for your support!

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