Happy Turkey Day and Surviving “Paradise”

Happy Turkey Day one and all..hope you are all grateful and well fed!  Now, after we sleep this day off..it is time to get ready for CFB rivalry weekend!  Yes, that last regular season weekend of the year in college football where instate rivalries and other long standing rivalries take center stage!  Notable games…..

9 UGA host 16 GT at “high noon” on Saturday  (GO JACKETS), Notre Dame vs. USC, 8 UCLA vs. Stanford, 4 Miss State vs. 19 Ole Miss (the Egg Bowl), 1 Alabama vs. 15 Auburn (The Iron Bowl), Missouri vs. Arkansas, 7 Baylor vs. 12 Kansas State, 5 TCU vs. Texas (tonight, Thanksgiving night!), 2 Oregon vs. Oregon State, 3 FSU vs. Florida.  Many of these games will determine who plays in the conference title games, ie., Miss State or Bama, Mizz or UGA?  Other games are set…FSU vs. GT for the ACC, have to expect Oregon vs. UCLA for the Pac 12 (but still these games will affect that outcome)..so CFB this weekend is not just about passion and rivalry, it will also matter as far as the college football playoffs and bowl matchups!

NFL on Thanksgiving Day so far…Detroit over Chicago, 34-17, big day for Megatron!  Philadelphia with Mark Sanchez at the helm leads the Cowboys, 30-10 and later, Seattle vs. San Francisco!

TV on Thursday, repeat episode of The Big Bang Theory and then a new episode of Mom and Two and a Half Men!  Saw Horrible Bosses 2 today at the new and improved theater near me!  The movie was funny..not sure if new and improved?  But hey, sequels are hard, right?

Finally, forgot that shameless plus on Wednesday, so please check out my book Surviving “Paradise” by Susan Willoch Shaver!  For more info see the HOME page at this website and the BUY THE BOOK option on the menu bar!  Thanks and have a great night!Surviving Paradise

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