Have Kobe Bryant and Dwight Howard formed a successful partnership?

Last night in New Orleans, the LA Lakers trailed the Hornets by twenty five points, yes that would be 25 points!  We all know the talk about the Lakers making the big push to get into the playoffs.  Down twenty five to an average team on the road, well, not a good thing, coming off a tough loss the night before at OKC, ready to head back to sunny LA and await the Chicago Bulls visit to the Staples Center on Sunday (3:30 pm EST).  So, what would Kobe do?   Kobe took control and gave Dwight his marching orders.  We are in this together for now and let’s get it done was the message Kobe sent.  He scored 42 points, his job being to put the ball in the basket and Dwight’s job being to keep the other team from making shots at the other end of the floor.  Well, folks, it worked as the Lakers went on to win, 108 – 102.  So, perhaps the selfish (I don’t actually think Kobe is selfish but he has been called “that ” by others) and the childish (Dwight has of course the infamous nickname “man child”) can hold it together and await the return of Pau Gasol and glide this team into playoff position.  Stay tuned…the quest continues on Sunday!

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