9-11-2001- Have not felt quite right all day

Well this has been a day of many emotions.  Have not felt quite right all day.  9/11 is a day that brings out emotion in all of us who remember the horror of 9/11/2001.

Got a chance to watch replay of GT vs. Presbyterian game.  Any time you have well over 700 yards of total offense, it is a good day.  Consider the competition, still nice game for GT.  Really glad to see Vad Lee, nice TD pass and running by him.  He is the future of GT football.  Will be at the Virginia game next Saturday and will share pics along with posts after that game.  Hope it will be a great performance by GT.

What does everyone thing of the uniforms?  This is a popular topic in college football this year.  It all began with Oregon and their uniforms and then Maryland followed suit.  I like the uniforms, the honeycomb look is distinct.  Still a bit old school and sort of miss the traditional gold helmets with GT on the side.  Looks like they are going to go with these new uniforms for the remainder of the year.  Here’s hoping to a lot of wins to go along with the new look!

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