Heartbreak in Atlanta, again!!!

Oh, blank,  you all know what I mean!  Atlanta falls to San Francisco in the NFC title game, 28 -24.  I said it would be a close game (which it was) or a blow out with the Falcons not on the good end of it.  It was a close game, but the Falcons come out on the losing end anyway.  Atlanta had a 17 – 0 lead and let it slip away.  This has been a bit of a pattern for the Falcons this year, jumping out to a lead, seeing it slip away, and then coming back to win.  This time, they fell short as they failed to convert on 4th down inside the redzone with the game winding down and less than two minutes to play.  Matt Ryan and the Falcons had almost 300 yards total offense in the first half but two costly turnovers by Ryan did not help, an interception  and a fumble.  San Fran’s Kaepernick ( out of Nevada) and LaMichael James (out of Oregon) are both apprentices in the NFL from college run and gun offenses.  Still, what cost Atlanta the game, I do not know.  Falcons played a GREAT game!  Maybe, San Francisco was just a little better today?  Congrats to Coach Harbaugh and the 49ers.  Will he meet his brother and the Ravens in the Super Bowl or will he face Tom Brady and the Patriots?  That game is up next.  We will watch and see.  I am ready to watch Roger Federer, when will he be on tonight, given the time difference between EST and Australia?  What can I say, heartbroken and disappointed in Atlanta!

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