Here it is, BCS National Championship game preview!

Here it is, the night we have been waiting for since the college football season ended!  The BCS title game is tonight at 8:30 pm EST on ESPN.  Before I give a prediction, let talk a bit about the two teams, 1 Notre Dame and 2 Alabama.  Alabama is designed to run the bowl and pound you into submission.  With Lacey and Yeldon, look for Bama to run and run and run.  In addition, QB A J McCarron has been there and done that.  He led Alabama to a National Championship last year.  He will throw the ball at the right moments to complement the punishing ground game Bama will throw at you.  The front seven of Bama is likely the best in the biz.  The game will likely boil down to who wins the battle in the trenches and the odds favor Alabama.  That being said, Notre Dame can win the game.  I did not say they would win the game, I said they can win the game.  They are very talented on defense, they can match up with many SEC defenses, in spite of what we are spoon fed regarding the supremacy of SEC football.  The goal line stands they have produced speak for themselves.  Manti Te’o is an inspiration, both as a player and as a person.  But the Irish have been lucky.  You have to be good to be lucky but there were two games they came close to losing, Pittsburgh and Stanford (did they in fact really lose this game?)  Freshman QB Everett Golson for Notre Dame is talented and capable but lacks the experience of McCarron.  I love that Golson plays the piano to relax, escape and because he enjoys it (and is good at it!)  So who wins this game?

I think Alabama wins.  I also think Notre Dame could win, but Alabama is the favorite.  Who am I pulling for?  Notre Dame.  Alabama is going for their 3rd national title in the past four years.  It will probably happen.  But no one should be shocked if the luck of the Irish rears it’s head and there is an upset!

It is going to be special!

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