HE’S BACK…. Peyton Manning

HE’S BACK…. Peyton Manning looking good last night in victory over Steelers.  What a class act as well.  Wander if that other guy, Jim Irsay, was watching?

Next up for Denver, a date with the Falcons next Sunday night.  Should be a good one!

US Open;  Good for Andy!!  Andy Murray finally wins a Major!  I was pulling for him.  Cannot say that Judy does not drive me nuts but still happy to see Andy finally win a major and get the monkey off his back.  Kind of nice to have four of the big four win all four of the different majors this year.  Plus, on personal note, Djokovic loosing keeps him off Roger’s tail as far as number one ranking!  Andy will become number three in the world anyway, partly due to Nadal being out of the mix due to injury.  This will make for an exciting finish to the year end of 2012 culminating at the year end final in London.  Most likely whoever wins will claim the year end number one ranking.  Roger Federer is the best indoor player in the world so here is to hoping for Roger winning the year end final in London for the sixth (!) time and finishing 2012 as number one.  He is still number one in the world and number one in my heart!  Congratulations to Andy Murray!  Much deserved.

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