Hey Guys…I miss blogging…but..

Hey guys! I miss blogging …but I have so much going on and so much I am waiting to hear about!  I finally have a screenplay based on my book Surviving “Paradise” and I have an entertainment lawyer and her staff packaging and marketing it on my behalf! Finally..it has taken me two years to get this all together!  Meanwhile…college football season has come and gone.  We have a Heisman Trophy winner..Derrick Henry from Bama..the second RB from Bama!  My vote was for Christian McCaffrey of Stanford but he is young..he has time.  NFL is entering it’s third and then final “quarter”.  And in the NBA..watching a compromised Kobe Bryant is hard…really painful  Meanwhile, Steph Curry and the Warriors (Word Champion Warriors) are on a mission for sure.  Roger Federer had a GREAT year but no Grand Slam title.  He has changed coaches for the 2016 season..check ESPN.com/tennis news and he appears ready to challenge for another great year heading into the 1026 Olympics in Rio.  Never mind the #3 ranking..he is the second best player in the world at age 34.  He is the only player who really challenges world #1 Novak Djokovic.  Three of Nole’s six losses in 2015 were to Roger Federer.  Fed is still the one for me and I cannot wait to see him again at Indian Wells 2016!  We have the CFB Playoffs to look forward to…Michigan State vs. Clemson and Alabama vs. Oklahoma!  Should be awesome!  Very bad year for my Jackets…except for that incredible win over FSU!  Has to be the play of the year…blocked FG returned for a TD as time expired!  And it was Homecoming!  So…just wanted to say HELLO and let you guys know how much I miss this!  Still, I am focused on getting a deal on my book and screenplay and that has been my priority for the past few months.  Hope you all have a great holiday season and I will keep you posted!  Miss this!

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