Honey Boo Boo et al is getting a raise?

Some TV news ranging from perhaps the absurd to the relevant??  It seems TLC is so pleased with the success of their show featuring Honey Boo Boo and her family that they are giving them a huge raise!  Really??

On a more serious and purposeful note, after watching some of Half The Sky last night I have to say it was moving and traumatizing.  One segment which featured Meg Ryan focused on the human trafficking of young girls into prostitution in southeast Asia.  This was horribly sad yet to see the hope that these young girls had after being rescued and placed in a safe house to be educated and cared for was humbling and amazing.  Some of these girls are given/sold by their families into these brothels.  There was one that had been raped and taken there by her family at age 3 (horrific!)  The local police are of no help, if they are called in to shut down a brothel, they often take these young girls and give/sell them back to that brothel or another one.

Another feature was on educating young girls in southeast Asia, primarily Cambodia.  Gabrielle Union was a part of this segment and revealed that she herself had been raped at age 19 while working an off campus job while attending UCLA (she is an honor graduate of UCLA).  One young girl rode her bike 17 miles to attend school and then would return home to help the family and tend to her younger siblings.  Another girl had to sell lottery tickets and give almost all of the money to her father to support the family.  He had beaten her mother who had left her with the father.  The father had remarried and had another child (a boy) and then that wife left him as well after numerous beatings.  This young girl was a star student and determined to excel and make a life for herself in spite of her hardship, it was clear she was beaten on occasion by the father.  This portion showcased the importance of educating girls in developing countries, “educate a girl and you educate a village”.  A noteworthy quote was: “It is a moral failure that 200 million girls in developing countries do not go to school”.  Part 2 airs tonight on PBS at 10:00 pm EST.

In tennis news, Rafael Nadal has announced he will return to action after recovering from a serious knee injury in December, playing an exhibition match in Abu Dhabi.  It seems he will indeed miss the remainder of competitive tennis this year, including the WTA Year End Final in London.

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