I love Meg Ryan

OK people, first of all, the sky is not falling!!!! Roger Federer lost in the quarterfinals of the US Open.  He is fine!!!!  He won his 7th Wimbledon, his 17th Grand Slam, and regained the number 1 ranking in the world, which by the way he is guaranteed to hold onto until at least October 15, 2012.  He played Wimbledon, the Olympics, Cincinnati (which he won) and then came to New York,  He is 31 years old and travels with a wife and two three year old twin daughters.  He will be fine and he will win some more.

Speaking of US Open, how about a semi-final match between Sharapova and Azarenka.  WOW! Talk about loud.  Between the two of them, the shrieking should be ear shattering!  Kind of reminds me of those Bulgarian woman in my neighborhood in Surviving “Paradise”, outside flapping their arms about shrieking like some strange species of bird!!  Tennis is supposed to be played quietly.  Ok, I told myself I was not going to be negative.  I am just saying…

Pop Culture:  I love Meg Ryan.  Why all the negativity about her.  She is adorable.  She was adorable.  She was the epitome of the original girl next door for a generation, and could sell out a box office with her name attached to a movie in the 1990’s.  I have a particular affinity for her since I first discovered her as a young mother watching her on the soap opera As The World Turns as Betsy Stewart Montgomery Andropolus.  I loved her then and I love her now. Sure, she is now longer making movies much that we see, I actually saw her on the cover of Instyle Magazine before The Women came out and thought she looked fantastic.  She is apparently now happily attached to John Mellencamp for almost two years.  She put herself through NYU by doing commercials (six credits shy of a degree in Journalism).  There is a lot to admire about her.  I think she got a bum rap with all the negativity thrown at her over the whole “Russel Crowe” affair.  Clearly her marriage with Dennis Quaid was not what it appeared.  Love Dennis as an actor but I do not think he was such a great husband to Meg for many years.  Let’s cut her some slack.  She is a person who cares deeply and gives back in many ways.  Soon she will be seen as part of a documentary on PBS called Half The Sky detailing the awful slave trade of young girls into prostitution.  She is I am sure a good person in many ways and has provided us with many entertaining moments, not the least of which was the iconic scene in When Harry Met Sally.  I’ll have what she’s having!!

Over and out for now….

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