Indiana, Duke and Miami…1,2,3 in AP Poll

The college basketball AP and Coaches Polls are out and in the AP Poll, Indiana remains at #1 (I was right?)  In the Coaches Poll, Duke is once again #1.  Miami comes in at #3 in AP Poll, #4 in Coaches Poll.

AP Poll: 1 Indiana, 2 Duke, 3 Miami, 4 Michigan, 5 Gonzaga, 6 Syracuse, 7 Florida, 8 Michigan State, 9 Arizona, and 10 Kansas State.  Butler comes in at #11 and Kansas fell to #14.

USA Today Coaches Poll: 1 Duke, 2 Indians, 3 Gonzaga, 4 Miami, 5 Michigan, 6 Florida, 7 Syracuse, 8 Michigan State, 9 Arizona and 10 Butler.  Kansas falls to #13.

A few differences in the two polls, Florida takes a big drop from last week, falling from #2 to #7 and #6 respectively.  Also, Kansas took big tumble after two losses last week (three game losing streak).

Miami the big mover, last week #8, now #3 in AP and #4 in Coaches. (Miami was only ranked at #11 in last week’s Coaches Poll).

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