Is tennis #1 Victoria Azarenka dating LMFAO frontman?

All of you tennis fans have seen LMFAO lead singer Redfoo sitting in Azarenka’s box cheering her on at numerous tournaments as of late.  Now comes the question, are they pals, or are they more than “just friends”?  Only they know for sure.  But they are kind of a cute and interesting couple.  She seems like a fun girl, and well, we all know he is a good time guy, I mean after all, “party in the house tonight, everybody’s gonna have a good time”, or so the lyrics go.  He is a huge tennis fan, designs tennis clothes, and has a tennis tournament he sponsors.  He was a one time tennis player himself.  Interesting couple, do not know what their relationship is, don’t really care, although in an interview with he does imply that they are “boyfriend/girlfriend”.  Think they make a fun couple and it is kind of cool to see him in her box cheering her on.  Speaking of celebs in tennis player’s boxes, have not seen them there lately, but am looking forward to the next time we get to see Gavin Rossdale and Gwen Stefani cheering on Roger Federer.  Look for one or both of them (along with their kids) to be there most likely at Indian Wells, CA and perhaps Wimbledon as well.

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