It all goes wrong in the ATL…

The Braves lose to the Cardinals 6-3 in the first wild card game which will forever be known as “the infield fly rule game”??? What happened??  First, the Braves who have been the best defensive team in the National League were off their game and committed three errors (one by Chipper, very uncharacteristic).  Second, the Braves had runners on first and second and their rookie SS Simmons hit a blooper between two Cardinals in the shallow outfield, and the umpire made a LATE and questionable “infield fly ruling”.  So, instead of bases loaded with Brian McCann up to pinch hit and one out, the ruling was that Simmons was out and the runners could advance.  The Braves had another opportunity in the bottom of the ninth when Chipper had an infield hit and Freddie Freeman hit a double, but Dan Uggla failed to deliver.  The game is under protest but don’t expect anything to change as far as the outcome.  Sad day for the Braves.  Once again, they do not advance in post season.  VERY DISAPPOINTING!  Still, Thank you Chipper Jones for all you have done and the Hall of Fame awaits you!

The Rangers and the Orioles are now underway.

Also, on ESPN, Pittsburgh and Syracuse are playing.  These are two teams completing their final year in the Big East and will head to the ACC in 2013.  Utah State and BYU will follow this game.

Important games in College Football abound tomorrow…

That is all for now.  Very disappointed in Atlanta!

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