The second half turned out to be “Super”!

The second half of the Super Bowl began with a 108 yard kickoff return by Raven’s Jacoby Jones (another New Orleans native), tying the longest in NFL history.  Then something strange happened, the lights went out in the Super Dome.  After a 34 minute delay, the lights were back on and so were the San Francisco 49ers.  Kaepernick brought them back in style, closing the gap to 34 – 29 with the ball inside the ten yard line and four downs for a Super Bowl victory.  Could not get it done, goal line stand by the Ravens, with of course a bit of controversy, questionable no holding call on 4th down pass into the endzone, and game is essentially over.  Ravens took a safety to run the clock down to 4 seconds before punting, ball returned to fifty yard line and the Ray Lewis “farewell tour” concludes with a ring.  Joe Flacco deservingly named MVP.  The handshake between the Harbaugh brothers was warm, sincere, and almost loving, but Jim will take awhile to let go of his fury at the “no call” I am sure.  None the less, it was a Super Bowl game worthy of being called Super.  Congrats to the Baltimore Ravens!  (yes, I was wrong, I picked San Francisco).  A bit of irony, the 3.5 pt favorite 49ers lost by 3 points to the “underdogs”.  Hard to think of this Raven team as underdogs!  The Vince Lombardi Trophy will head to Baltimore until next year!

Now for my favorite Super Bowl commercial…here’s your hint, think beer, horses, and Stevie Nicks!  The Bud commercial with the Clydesdale horses and Stevie Nicks singing Landslide…priceless!

Hope you all enjoyed super game as much as I did…until tomorrow…goodnight!

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