It’s a scary world after all… (Sports Illustrated) is reporting that death threats were made against Roger Federer.  Roger is in China with his wife and two twin daughters preparing to play in the Shanghai Master Tournament next week.  The threat was reportedly made by an anonymous blogger.  There was a picture of a decapitated Federer depicted by the blogger, with Federer on his knees on a tennis court with a black clad hooded figure with an ax pictured beside him.  Security has been increased and the police have been notified so apparently the threat is being taken seriously and extra precautions are being taken to protect him as well as the other tennis players who are there to participate in the tournament.

Are there enough adjectives to describe this??  Beyond shocking, gross, disgusting, pathetic, horrifying, absurd, where do you stop.  Hopefully, the tournament will go off next week with no problems.  Still, just the fact that something like this appears to be true is quite troubling, what a world, huh????

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