It’s halftime in Athens, and I am NOT HAPPY!

OK, I know there are many great games on today.  I will talk about all of today’s action, but first things first.  I am a Georgia Tech fan so this is the game I am focusing on first.  GT is getting their tails kicked.  It should not be happening!  We have turned the ball over three times, losing two of the three.  The critical one came after UGA scored and was up 7 -0, and we drove the ball down the field and should have had first and goal on the one.  Instead, the ball is ripped from Godhigh and UGA gets the ball on the fifty.  This has been the tempo for the game since that time.  GT cannot stop UGA, at least not so far, only forcing one three and out.  But, GT can move the ball, they have moved the ball, and they have 3 points to show for it.  The second half could be different, I sure hope so, but like I said, I am not happy!

Miami is up on Duke, 20 – 10.  If they do win, they would have gone to the ACC Championship game but instead they imposed a self ban on post season play (due to their rather alarming indiscretions being investigated by the NCAA).  FSU has already beaten Duke, Miami, and Clemson.  The halftime crew has suggested that we just let Clemson and FSU play again, instead of having a possible 6 – 6 GT team play.  HOW RUDE!!  GT has not played FSU and lost yet.  Let’s wait and see what happens next weekend.  For now, time to focus on the task at hand.  ( And by the way, thank you to Miami).

Back later with the final from this game and other action…

Footnote: I just cannot stand the thought of UGA getting to play for the BCS National Championship.  Obviously, they will likely have to get through Bama to do so and I do not like their odds.  OK, enough, enough…back later!

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