It’s official, Djokovic will end year at no. 1

Say it isn’t so!!!  But, it is.  Novak Djokovic will set atop the men’s tennis rankings come next Monday and he is assured of the year end no. 1 ranking.  Even if Roger Federer were to win the ATP Year End Final in London (which he has won six out of the past nine years), he cannot earn enough points to finish the year at no. 1.  As a Fed fanatic, I am disappointed.  That being said, just the fact that Fed won Wimbledon and ended his two year drought for winning a Slam was fantastic.  The fact that he regained the no. 1 ranking at this stage in his career (few thought this was possible) and has held it through this week setting a record that is not likely to be broken in our lifetime, if ever, is otherworldly.  I so wanted him to end the year at no. 1, but clearly Roger has his priorities in order at this stage in his life and career.  He knows he has to take time away to rest his body, mind and spirit as well as be a good husband and father.  When all is said and done, congrats to both Novak and Roger are in order!!

P.S. Still hope Roger wins the Year End Event in London!

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