Jimmie Johnson wins Daytona 500

Jimmie Johnson wins the Daytona 500 with Dale Earnhardt, Jr. finishing second.  It was Juniors third second place finish in the last four Daytona 500 races.  Mark Martin finished third and Brad Keweloski finished fourth.  Danica Patrick, the pole sitter finished in 8th place, the highest finish for a woman in history.  Good for her and congrats to Jimmie Johnson.

I have to be honest, I am not a NASCAR fan; I love Indy Car racing.  As my Indy insider likes to say, “did you watch the taxi cabs”?  Anyhow, it is a huge race and I was of course interested to see how Danica, formerly a Indy driver, would fare.  She did well and seems to be improving in her fourth year racing the “taxi cabs” instead of the open wheel cars of the Indy series.

All you NASCAR fans out there don’t be haters…it was a great race!  Many Jimmie Johnson fans are happy today.

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