Johnny Manziel – life under a microscope

Heisman Award winner Johnny Manziel, sophomore QB for Texas A & M is learning a bit about the downside of fame.  The current Heisman award winner has been photographed and criticized sitting front row a Dallas Maverick game and partying in New Orleans during the Super Bowl and at Mardi Gras.  Yes, Johnny, the world is full of haters!! People love to tear down and belittle the behavior of successful people and that is truly unfortunate.  Not to say that those who are successful and high profile athletes do not have some sort of obligation to try and be judicious in their behavior.  They are perceived as role models for young people, but then again Johnny Manziel is a 20 year old himself.  There was a article at that reported that he would only be on campus once a month this semester and he is taking four classes online.  Who are we to say negative things about him and/or his schedule?  Clearly, he is eligible, correct?   Johnny and Texas A & M are expected to have a great year in 2013 and then one more year for this young man and likely a huge NFL paycheck.  Kudos to him.  He is hopefully thick skinned enough to enjoy himself as a young man and college student and one day he will have the opportunity to give back and help others who are following in his footsteps.

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