Keeping it short and sweet, Survivng Paradise Wednesday

Hey guys!  Keeping it short and sweet this Wednesday, otherwise known as Surviving Paradise day!!

Check out my book Surviving “Paradise” by Susan Willoch Shaver.  Follow a southern woman who relocates to a new town in southwest Florida full of great expectations – only to be met by a ridiculous set of people and circumstances.  The people, the misadventures, the neighbors and the neighborhood mayhem, the cast of characters…well it is a guaranteed raucous good read!  It is available at for $8.99 in paperback and $3.03 in kindle edition.  For more info, check out the HOME page at this website and the BUY THE BOOK option on the menu bar!  THANKS!!

Tonight for our TV viewing pleasure..The Mysteries of Laura on NBC at 8:00 pm EST.  Critics hate it but people love it!  What is not to like about Debra Messing and Josh Lucas? (not a thing!!)  At 10:00 pm EST, ABC offers a new episode of Nashville.  This one is beloved by the critics and the people! (including me)

For a chuckle..saw an episode of Highly Questionable on ESPN2 today where there seems to be some outrage that a public poll declares the Denver Broncos are now “America’s Team” over the Dallas Cowboys!  Well, the Cowboys were never my team, but they did hold the previous aforementioned title.  It has to be the Peyton Manning factor, don’t you think?  Oh well, I am just saying, almost everyone loves Peyton! (including me)

That’s all for today folks.  Enjoy your Wednesday!

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