Kerry Walsh Jennings pregnant at Olympics

Kerry Walsh Jennings just announced she was eleven weeks pregnant!!  Turns out, she was five weeks pregnant when she and Misty May-Treanor won Olympic gold in London!!

More bad news for the Atlanta Falcons, John Abraham arrested attempting to enter a taped off area where a women was thinking of jumping?  I don’t know what to say??

More fallout from the ending of the Green Bay – Seattle game last night.  Mike and Mike on ESPN took a poll of names for the pass that was called a TD but was in fact an interception and miscalled by replacement referees.  Some of my favorites are “The Fail Mary”, “The Inaccurate Reception” and my top choice, “Senseless in Seattle”.

Embarrassing for GT…On SportsNation, the Orin Smith miscue on the kickoff which resulted in a safety for Miami was deemed the worst calamity in college football this weekend.  BOO!

Time to get upbeat and move on to Pop Culture.  Sarah Michelle Geller and Freddie Prinze, Jr. welcome a baby boy.  LAMFAO breaking up, NOT, just taking a break.  And finally on Castle, Beckett and Castle gave us what we have all been waiting for and  hook up.  YES!!!!

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