Lakers host Celtics tonight

The LA Lakers will host the Boston Celtics tonight and the game will air on ESPN at 10:30 pm EST.  Two storied franchises and a storied rivalry which has perhaps lost a bit of its luster with the current struggles the Lakers are experiencing.  Kobe Bryant says they need to win 20 of their remaining 28 games to make the playoffs.  Will they, can they?  I hope so, I am a Lakers fan.  It will be tough without Pau Gasol who is not expected back until April.  There has been much talk surrounding the future of Dwight Howard in LA.  Some have him still wishing to play for the Nets (Jay-Z’s team).  Others, feel he will certainly remain in LA for this season.  I agree.  Then all bets are off.  Phil Jackson has even weighed in and said Dwight was not being utilized effectively, the Lakers were not running their offense through him in the post.  Also, Howard is not 100% physically.  Will be interesting to see what happens once this season comes to an end.  Kobe is not going anywhere.  I feel Pau Gasol is a valuable part of the Lakers and hope any trade talk regarding Pau is over.  One would have to think the Lakers would certainly explore trading Dwight if the right talent could be obtained in exchange.  For tonight, it is all about winning against the Celtics.

Speaking of the Nets, (Jay-Z is a part owner), how about Joe Johnson.  He has been a star for them this year.  Last night he scored 24 points, made the shot to send the game to OT and made the shot to put them ahead for the win.  What were the Hawks thinking when they traded Joe?

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