Lakers lose AGAIN!

Oh my, now I am starting to get worried, and I am a believer!  Lakers lose again, falling to the Nuggets 112 – 105.  Kobe scored 29 points, Nash scored 13 and Dwight Howard had a career high 26 rebounds, but it was not enough.  Dwight Howard who has a right shoulder injury is due to have a MRI today.  The unfortunate reality here is simply put, something is not working.  All this talent and it is not happening!  Rumor has it that Dwight and Kobe had a bit of a heated exchange after last week’s loss to the 76er’s.  This is never a good thing but Kobe is so intense and wants to win so badly that one cannot really be surprised.  What is the solution?  I don’t know, I don’t think Mike D’Antoni knows.  I am gonna step out there and say, maybe Phil Jackson was the better coaching hire??

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