Lakers survive Hawks comeback

The LA Lakers had a 16 point lead in the second half over the Atlanta Hawks and then had to hold on for dear life to win, 99 – 98.  Hawks were led by Al Horford with 24 points and Josh Smith played a huge role in their second half comeback trying to guard Kobe Bryant.  In the end however, Kobe was not going to let this one slip away as he scored 34 points and stole away an errant pass to preserve victory for the Lakers.  (Also had a monster dunk, reminiscent of the Kobe of old!) Should the Lakers somehow manage to upset OKC on the road on Tuesday night, they would have a winning record for the first time since just before Thanksgiving 2012.  With last night’s home victory, they are at 500 for the season (last time this was true was late December 2012).

Lakers continue on their quest to catch the Houston Rockets for the 8th and final spot into the playoffs.  Will they make it?  Kobe, Dwight and Nash have guaranteed it.  Stay tuned and see if they can deliver ( I am saying yes, they will).

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