Lakers welcome Gasol back into the starting lineup

Welcome back to the starting lineup Pau Gasol.  The Lakers defeated the Timberwolves (missing Kevin Love) last night, 111 – 100.  Gasol played the post position as Dwight Howard is back in LA with a reinjured right shoulder. Pau scored 22 points and had 12 rebounds.  Pau has come under criticism lately, a bit unfounded in my view, he is just not being utilized in the right way!  This is a guy who came in five years ago and helped lead the Lakers to two NBA titles.  Play Pau in the post position!!  Kobe Bryant continued in his multifaceted role as scorer/facilitator with 17 points, 12 rebounds, and 8 assists.  Steve Nash added 17 points and 7 assists.  The Lakers bench contributed as well.  This is game two of a seven game road stretch for the Lakers.  I am beginning to believe again.  I think the Lakers get it done and make  it into the playoffs!

In another noteworthy NBA game, the Indiana Pacers led by David West (30 points) hammered the Miami Heat, 102 – 89.  Ouch!

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