Lakers win and Howard says he is focused and committed

The LA Lakers defeated the Trailblazers last night, 111 – 107.  Kobe Bryant scored 40 points and Dwight Howard scored 19 points, with 16 rebounds and 2 blocked shots.  Perhaps more importantly, Dwight Howard spoke after the game about how after attending the memorial service for Dr. Jerry Buss, longtime owner of the Lakers who passed away last week at the age of 80, he was very moved by what Dr. Buss had done for LA and NBA basketball.  Dwight said he wants to make a positive difference in LA and in the world.  Dwight has often been called immature, “the man child”, and has alienated fans in both LA and previously in Orlando.  For now, Howard appears to be on board with making the Lakers a playoff team.  He certainly continued to play with an intensity and energy last night that has at times seemed lacking this season. If he he is able to follow through with this new found commitment, with Kobe, Steve Nash, Jamison, World Peace and hopefully eventually Pau Gasol back, the Lakers can be a real threat if they can make it into the playoffs.

The Lakers will next be in action at 1:00 pm EST on ABC when they take on the Dallas Mavericks.  After the comments from Mav’s owner, Mark Cuban regarding Kobe Bryant and how the Lakers might want to consider trading him, well, let’s just say this game should be interesting!

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