Latest BCS Standings…

Updated BCS Standings just out!

1 Alabama, 2 Florida, 3 Kansas State, 4 Oregon, 5 Notre Dame

6, LSU, 7 Oregon State, 8 Oklahoma, 9 USC, 10 Georgia  (really??)

WOW!  If I were Oregon, I would not be happy!!  Also, Georgia at 10?  Really, after a very unimpressive showing against Kentucky!  It is just amazing how the computer polls and the human polls interface and come up with this!  Oregon has been treated rudely!  What a diss!!!!!!  I would say West Coast football gets no respect, but there is USC at no. 9.  There really is no way to figure this out and make everyone happy.  Still, I think Oregon is no. 2.  They will get their chance with the remaining games they have against Stanford, USC and Oregon State, one would hope.  Also, don’t forget about USC!  Georgia vs. Florida this weekend at Jacksonville should be interesting as well.

OK, calm down….Giants are up 5-0 in NLCS game in 4th inning.  I am sort of pulling for the Giants because of my beach gang friend Paul who is a scout for the Giants! (check out  Surviving “Paradise” at!!)  Then again, the Cards knocked out my Braves in the wild card game, go National League!

Pittsburgh up 7-3 over Cincinnati at start of 2nd quarter on MNF.

Good Wife on at 9:30pm!

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