Latest College Football Polls…

The newest AP and USA Today Coaches Polls are out!  The AP top five are: 1 Alabama, 2 Oregon (yes!), 3 Kansas State, 4 Notre Dame, and 5 LSU.  Rounding out the top ten are 6 Ohio State (they cannot be ranked in BCS or Coaches poll due to NCAA penalties), 7 UGA, 8 Florida, 9 FSU and 10 Clemson.  (South Carolina comes in at #11).

The Coaches Poll top five are: 1 Alabama, 2 Oregon(thank you), 3 Kansas State, 4 Notre Dame, and 5 LSU.  This is identical to the AP Poll.  The rest of top ten differ since Ohio State is omitted. 6 UGA, 7 FSU, 8 Florida, 9 Clemson, and 10 Louisville.  Interestingly, South Carolina also comes in at no. 11 in this poll.

BCS poll will not be out until later this evening.

Sad news regarding the injury to Marcus Lattimore.  Reports indicate the hit he took to his left knee by the helmet of Tennessee defender resulted in damage to ACL, PCL, and MCL.  This is a devastating injury, reminiscent of the one sustained by Willis McGahee in the 2003 Bowl game when he played college football for Miami.  Will remain to be seen what the prognosis will be for Lattimore returning to play football for South Carolina and beyond.  Hope he can as by all accounts, he is a well respected and much beloved young man in addition to being an exceptional talent!

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