LeBron makes history, Kobe off the mark

LeBron James made NBA history last night, scoring over 30 points and shooting 60% for the sixth straight game.  Never been done before!  Not even MJ (Michael Jordon), and therefore, of course now all the sports shows begin with the comparisons.  By the way, Miami won, defeating the Trail Blazers, 117 – 104.  Sort of silly to compare “LJ” (as Lebron says he should be referred to) and “MJ”.  Different type of players, body types, and much more.  LeBron is almost a freak of nature with his size and shooting abilities, not to mention great defense.  Still, most consider Micheal Jordan to still be the “GOAT”, ever popular label of greatest of all time.  A more reasonable comparison based on body type and style of play would be Jordan and Kobe Bryant.

Speaking of Kobe, he had a really poor shooting night last night, scoring a mere 4 points with numerous turnovers and misses although he did have 9 assists.  His attempts to change his style of play to help the Lakers, becoming more a facilitator may sometimes hamper his scoring performance.  They do have Steve Nash to distribute the ball.  That being said, the Lakers did win over the Suns, 91 – 85 and Dwight Howard had 19 points and 18 rebounds.  A win is a win, but Kobe will have to score more points in addition to trying to involve his teammates when they face the Clippers.  I like what Coach Mike D’Antoni said, hey, it is Kobe Bryant, he entitled to an off shooting night once in seventeen years!

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