Lebron taking his talents to LA????

Ha Ha!!  Gotta love this one.  All the sports shows are abuzz with the talk of Lebron leaving Miami and heading out to LA to play for the Lakers when Kobe decides to hang it up in the next two years or so (supposedly?)  This is too good to not talk about.  First, who knows for sure when and how Kobe will decide to retire.  With the addition of Dwight Howard and others, I think the Lakers become the team to beat in the West.  So all of this is a bit premature.  That being said, one could see with an aging Duane Wade, Lebron wanting to head to LA should the opportunity present itself (possibly).  Chris Bosh is young and there is plenty of talent in South Beach (no pun intended), but LA is LA.  Hey, if it were me, I would take my talents to LA.  Let’s just hope that whatever happens, if anything, we do NOT have to endure another ESPN televised “Decision” show!!

Until later…

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