Les Miles to where???

The whole Les Miles to Arkansas was a bit much, don’t you think.  I mean who really thought that was actually going to happen?  He is staying at LSU, with a raise and an extension, of course!

Kaepernick has been named the starting QB for the 49er’s for this weekend’s game.  Anyone surprised??

Did everyone happen to see the video of eight year old Lebron James, Jr. shooting shots from the balcony of their ‘home”?  It was awesome!!

Finally, in some Tennis news:  Robin Soderling of Sweden remains unsure of the fate of his tennis career.  He is twenty eight years old and just had a baby six weeks ago with his long time partner.  He has also been out of tennis for almost two years now, battling mono.  Federer and Roddick both suffered mild cases of this virus, but Soderling has been sidelined by a severe case that has zapped him of his strength and energy.  He has seen numerous specialists and there is still no answer to whether he will return or not.  He continues to hold out hope that he can.  Here’s to wishing he does indeed get well and return!

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