Let’s hear it for the boys from Atlanta…

Way to go Falcons.  The Atlanta Falcons defeated the Washington Redskins 24-17 and improve to 5-0 for the first time in their NFL history.  Redskin’s super rookie quarterback RG III was knocked out of the game with a concussion but says he plans to play next week.  In other actions, Colts upset Green Bay and Tom Brady wins the dual with Peyton Manning as New England defeated Denver 31-21.

In Sunday night action, Drew Brees broke the record for consecutive games with a TD previously held by Johnny U and led the Saints to their first victory of the season, 31-24 over San Diego.  For now, the Saints are not the “aints”!

Monday Night Football will feature the Houston Texans (only other undefeated NFL team besides the Falcons) vs. the New York Jets.  How much of Tebow will we see??  Moving on…

Tennis starts in China at the Shanghai Masters.  It will be televised throughout the wee hours of EST and then replays throughout the day on Tennis Channel.  Roger Federer will probably not be in action until Tuesday at the earliest.  Important first tournament for Roger as he will need to accumulate and defend as many points as possible this fall to hold onto his number 1 ranking and fend off a certain charge from Djokovic.  Here’s to hoping Mr. Federer is at his best and remains number 1!!


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