Magic Johnson is not happy…

Magic Johnson, former mega superstar with LA Lakers, has spoken out about the hiring of Mike D’Antoni.  Apparently, he is not a fan of this hire.  Magic was very disappointed that owner Jim Buss did not in fact follow through with the negotiations conducted with former Lakers’ coach Phil Jackson and make what he felt like was the “right hire”.  Magic further goes on to say that the organization is being mismanaged under Jim Buss, saying this was not the path former owner Dr. Jerry Buss would have wanted for this megawatt organization.  But, as Magic went on to say, his mama always told him, ”if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all”!   Let’s wait and see, D’Antoni has not had a chance to get started yet.

Speaking of former Lakers stars, did anyone happen to catch a glimpse of Andrew Bynum’s hair?  What is up with that???


Update: D’Antoni is expected to coach his first game for the Lakers this Sunday (he has been recovering from knee surgery).

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