Magic Johnson offers $1 million for slam dunk contest winner

Kind of interesting story.  Magic Johnson has offered a $1 million prize to next year’s winner of the slam dunk contest, part of the NBA All Star game festivities every year.  This money will go to anyone who can beat him (LeBron) in the contest!  Pretty cool, uh?  Back in the day, (oops, did I just date myself?), all the top NBA players used to participate in the slam dunk contest.  As of late, it is newbies and the contest has suffered as a result.  Magic has specifically targeted LeBron James in this offer, tying to get LeBron to participate next year.  James has indicated that he will mull it over!  Stars like LeBron and Blake Griffin and numerous others should be in the dunk contest to make it a “legitimate” event that rewards the top dude in the NBA.  Guess we will have to wait and see if LeBron and others take Magic up on his offer.  (Currently the NBA pays the winner $1000,000. and the runner-up $50,000.)

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