Make a Decision, Stop or Go, Sam or Jake

Well I could not help myself, I had to watch some of the replay of the GT overtime loss to Miami (Ugly!)  Anyhow, back to the Orin Smith botched kickoff return that ended up being a safety for Miami.  Turns out he did not quite put that knee down as he could not MAKE A DECISION about whether to stop (touch back) or go.  His hand touching down when he fell forward had nothing to do with the call.  It was whether the ball crossed the plane of the goal line or not, which actually it did not appear to do but there was not indisputable evidence to overturn the call of safety on the field.  Had he put his knee down while possessing the ball, he could have done a face plant forward and it would not have mattered.  Still, it comes down to stop or go, MAKE A DECISION!

Speaking of making a decision, how many times are we going to see the replay of “The Inaccurate Reception”, aka “Senseless in Seattle”?  It may never stop????  There again, replacement referees could not make a decision, at least not the same one together, one signals touch back, the other signals TD.  You know the rest….and on it will continue.

Last night on the season premier of Private Practice, Addison makes a decision, she chooses Jake (or at least it appears she does for now?).  Jake or Sam, ie. Benjamin Bratt or Taye Diggs, gee to be so lucky, what a decision to have to make, uh???  I would have chosen Sam.  That would be my Decision, but that is just me.  Addison is of course played by Kate Walsh, the lovely redhead in the Cadillac commercial, “When you turn your car on, does it return the favor?”  (There is a cute reference to this in my book Surviving Paradise, final chapter!)

More to follow later probably (come on man, make a decision!)

Great to see a cold one being poured over the head of Chipper Jones after the Braves won last night over Miami and clinched a playoff spot!!  GO BRAVES!

Rumor has it the NFL and the real referees are close to an agreement.  Cannot happen soon enough after last weekend’s ridiculousness!

Saw both episodes of New Girl last night starring Zoey Deschanel.  Not sure if I loved it or not.  I love her, especially the description of  her as “adorkable”.  Happen to catch her on the Ellen DeGeneres show and for the first time,  it seemed like there was some sort of disconnect between Ellen and her guest.  Don’t know why, but it just seemed a bit uncomfortable.  Oh well, Zoey is adorable.

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Looking forward to the Ryder Cup this weekend.  GO USA!

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