Manic Monday at Wimbledon and more!

Hope we have all rested today..tomorrow “Manic Monday ” at Wimbledon!!  I have watched Mystery Woman series on Hallmark and Delivery Man On Demand starring Vince Vaughn (gee, he never lets me down, always funny with feel good message!) and I think I am ready for Monday!!  Roger Federer vs. Tommy Robredo still showing as TBD on the schedule.  Anyhow, what a first week, the upsets, notably #1 and #2 on the women’s side, Li Na and Serena Williams and on the men’s side, David Ferrer and Thomas Berdych but not quite the topsy- turvy experience as on the women’s.  Fed looks great, Novak looks good as does Rafa but still some questions.  Once Rafa gets to the second week..look out!  Murray has looked really good as well, best he has looked since returning from back surgery.  Perhaps it is the “Great Britain” thing.  Still, when all is said and done, I am hoping the stars align for a Roger Federer win…#8 at Wimbledon, and 18th Grand Slam title.  Ways to go..but we shall see.  Definitely best performance at a Major by a father of four!!  ROGER THAT!

On Tuesday, Team USA faces Belgium in the round of sixteen…WIN or go home!!  It will air on ESPN at 3:30 pm EST (likely will not get underway until around 4:00 pm EST or so) and it will follow the Swiss match vs. Messi and Argentina.  Gee, as luck would have it, I have a haircut appointment…it takes me a month to get in to see this gal…I mean really..guess I will show up early and then head to the first TV I can find!! USA!  USA!

Tonight, Unforgettable returns to CBS for season three…10:00 pm EST.  It was cancelled several times and then brought back..GOOD DECISION!  Love this show.  Also, sad farewell to David Duchovny and Hank Moody on Californication on Showtime.  The series finale airs at 9:30 pm EST…seven years and it has been a raucous pleasure!  So, will Hank ride off into the sunset (in Venice, California, oh, how I wish I were there!) or will he and Karen ride off into the sunset together?  Love this show…but I guess sometimes, and I do mean sometimes. all good things come to their proper end.  Hope it is a great send off!!!

Sunday is a day of rest, and it is also the time honored tradition at Wimbledon, and tomorrow, we are back at it again.  Until then…Good day and good night!

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