Manti Te’o story and someone please just make it go away!

OK, I have really wanted to not even address this Manti Te’o story that has become such a national obsession.  With the Lance Armstrong story coming out, I made one post, and that was all I intend to say on that matter.  This one, I have just wanted to avoid, for a number of reasons, not the least of which is I do not think we need to care about it.  With Manti being on Katie Couric, Fox News talking nonstop about it, and now word that one of the alleged participants in the scam will be on Dr. Phil, it just begs some kind of mention.  So, here goes!  I do not care what the real story behind this whole sad saga is.  If Manti Te’o was in fact duped by an online scam, which I believe he at least in some part was, then so what?  He is a nice, well mannered young man from Hawaii, somewhat naive ( I believe), and a tremendous football talent who finished second in this past year’s Heisman Trophy voting and has a bright future ahead of him playing on Sundays.  Was the girl he talked to on the phone really a girl?  Was it sometimes a girl, sometimes a guy impersonating the girl?  WHO CARES!!!  If there is anything I would say about this, it is that perhaps looking for relationships on a computer is not the best course of action, certainly when one is a twenty one year old college student surrounded by all kinds of social opportunities.  I think this could also apply to people of all ages actually, but again, to each his own.  The bottom line is this; I think he is basically a good kid (key word) and he is embarrassed and humiliated to some extent.  Why would he need to seek attention, he is a star athlete, he has had all kinds of attention.  I feel like this story just makes one begin to ramble, it is so nonsensical.  In the words that I am well known for saying in my book Surviving “Paradise”, shut the blank up!  People, get a life and move on from this story.  I don’t care and neither should you!

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