Marcus Mariota wins the Heisman!

This past Saturday night, Marcus Mariota of Oregon (QB) won the 80th Heisman Trophy, awarded to the best college football player in America.  They could not have gotten it more correct!  Watching him make his very humble and emotional acceptance speech, one could almost forget about the past two winners…Johnny “Football” Manziel and Jameis Winston and all of their off field and sometimes jackass antics!  Let me first say that I thoroughly enjoyed “the show” that was Johnny Manziel on the field while playing with Texas A&M.  He was terrific.  As for Winston, well I think I will not comment other than to say he certainly knows how to win…25 straight wins for FSU and counting.  But Marcus Mariota is what all of us “idealists” like to think CFB is all about!  A truly great young man who has class and humility and is talented beyond comprehension.  Mariota is all of that and more!  So happy for him and I really want to see Oregon win the National title this year!  They will of course face FSU and Winston on New Year’s Day in the Rose Bowl, then it will be Alabama vs. Ohio State in the Sugar Bowl in this the first year of the College Football playoff.  I am pulling for Mariota and Oregon (my daughter is a FSU grad and she asks why, mom, why?) and my answer is that for all of the reason noted above, I want the Ducks to get it done this year.  Plus, I want a team NOT from the South, the SEC, etc. to win the College Football Championship.  I think Oregon is the better team, but will they be able to hold off FSU in the fourth quarter and not let it slip away.  Stay tuned…GT could have and almost got it done against FSU in the ACC Championship game..(we just needed one turnover, Winston is usually good for two per game) but alas, it did not happen but the Jackets will head to Miami to face Miss State in the Orange Bowl.  Should be a great game and it has been a fantastic year for Georgia Tech!

Also this past Saturday, Army vs. Navy (the greatest rivalry in all of sport) took place and Navy extended their winning streak to 13  in a row.  It is a game that is about so much more than football and sports…these young men are going “Pro” in a different way than the rest of the college football players who will head to the NFL.  These are the “best of the best” and it is always a special privilege to watch this game and all it’s glory.  Navy pulled out a close one, 17-10.

Moving to the NBA, last night Kobe Bryant surpassed MJ (that would be Michael Jordan) for third place on the all time scoring list in NBA history.  Way to go Kobe!  NOBODY works harder than Kobe Bryant and say whatever you want, he is one of the GREATEST to ever play the game.  They should put a statue of him outside the Staples Center after next year along with Kareem and Magic..perhaps Kobe getting out of his helicopter which he takes to fly in from Newport Beach to the Staples Center for home games!  Hey, it is kind of cool, and if we could all do it, we would too! (Don’t kid yourself)

Got a bit of catching up to do on TV shows, had the DVR at work last night, missed Barbara Walters ten most fascinating people but I know who was the most fascinating (um…??? don’t know how I feel about that one) and will watch it tonight.  I did catch the next to last episode of The Affair on Showtime…this show just gets better and more intriguing each week.  Last episode of this season airs next Sunday at 10:00 pm EST on Showtime.  It is going to be explosive and also leave us wondering what will next season bring?

Now I was busy last night, shooting a little video to honor one of my favorite TV shows, About A Boy (Tuesday nights at 9:30 pm EST on NBC) and their wonderful Christmas jingle #Runaway Sleigh!  Love the show, love the cast, and this song brings a smile to my face every time they play it.  Check out my answer to a “challenge” on YouTube and on Twitter (@survivingpara)!  IMG_0559  Many thanks to Jay for accompanying me!

Happy Monday!  Later!

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