No medal for USA Hockey team in Sochi, and much more!

The USA hockey team will not medal in Sochi.  What a huge disappointment.  After yesterday’s heartbreaking loss to Canada, 0-1, the USA came out flat today against Finland.  What should have been a great, competitive game for the bronze medal turned into a rout by Finland, 5-0 over team USA.  Like  I said, what a huge disappointment.  The USA team came in with high hopes of challenging Canada for the gold.  Instead, Canada will face Sweden tomorrow am for the gold medal, and the USA team will head home without a medal.  Oh well…

Still reeling from the women’s figure skating results. Much controversy!  Especially with the news coming out about the changes in who judged the short program vs. who judged the long program.  Let’s look at the facts:  The Russian skater (Sotnikova) skated an energetic program with seven triple jumps.  She also stumbled on the landing of one of her jumps.  She is athletic and appealing, but her artistry leaves much to be desired.  Then Yuna Kim skating last (which she does not like to have to do) skating a program that was flawless, as one commentator described it, a program for the ages.  She landed only six triples (gee, only six, perfectly) and somehow, she came in almost five points behind the Russian skater.  As far as I am concerned, Carolina Kostner of Italy (bronze medal) was even superior to Sotnikova.  She actually won the long program.  Anyhow, there is a petition online protesting the judging format, anonymous, etc. that over 1.5 million people have signed.  I plan to be one of them.  You had to know there was going to be “chatter” after this result.

Interestingly, tonight prior to tomorrow evening’s closing ceremonies, part of the coverage will include the “skating gala”.  All the medalists in each figure skating event will participate.  Should be very interesting.  As I stated in my last post, the Russian crowd is rude…only cheering for their competitors and not showing appreciation for the brilliant performances displayed by those from other countries.  Will be interesting to see how tonight unfolds.

As far as Yuna Kim…she is one of the highest paid female athletes in the world, is an ambassador for UNICEF, and gives back in every way.  What a class act!

Don’t expect to watch the closing ceremonies.  True Detective and House of Lies appeals to me more.  Did anyone catch back to back episodes of Inside the Actors Studio this week?  First, Amy Adams, then Matthew McConaughey.  It was so spectacular.  Amy Adams is such a lady and what a talent.  McConaughey was terrific, with his wife in the audience.  If you can, it is worth your while to try and watch these two episode on demand if possible!

Sadly, will be glad to see these winter Olympics come to an end.  USA has still done very well in the medal count, trailing Norway as of today.

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