Media Day from New Orleans

Hey everybody, just in case you have been under a rock or locked in a closet, it is Super Bowl week.  Just kidding, you all know what week it is!  Today was media day, that day where players and coaches from both teams get to sit at the table and answer a bunch of questions the media throws at them.  Nothing new here really.  We all know that New Orleans is a fun town, they both respect each other, and they both want to win.  Something about Ray Lewis and him perhaps taking something illegal which he is denying, something to stir the pot on Tuesday before the big game on Sunday.  (Hopefully)

Kind of cool joint press conference with the coaches, the Harbaugh brothers, big brother John (Ravens) and little brother Jim (49ers).  They love each other, of course.

Two really great teams and two class act coaches.  Tremendous defenses, undervalued offenses.  49ers with little bit of QB controversy, Kaepernick now starting over Alex Smith (who will perhaps be looking for a trade after all is said and done?) and Joe Flacco, Ravens QB, who is not given elite status but is solid and shown he can lead his team to a victory over teams with “elite” QB’s.  Who will win?  I have said in an earlier post I am leaning toward San Francisco but not yet ready to make my pick.  I will do so closer to game day.  The line on the game remains at 3.5 pts., advantage 49ers.  The over/under went from 48 to 47.5, WOW, big change.  Who do you think will win.  Let me know before I give you guys my pick!

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