Merry Christmas! Were you naughty or nice?

Hello everyone and Merry Christmas!  Were you naughty or nice?  Apparently I was nice this year!  How about you?

NBA on Christmas Day!  Boston rolls over the Nets, 93 – 76.  No real surprise here.

Lakers win!  Lakers survive Knicks, 100 – 94.   Kobe and Melo both score 34 points.  Pau had a great game as did Dwight.  Gotta tell you, I had a bet with my nephew today (just a small one $5.00).  He picked the Knicks and I said, no, Lakers will win.  And the Lakers won!!  Life lesson, never bet against me unless it involves Georgia Tech or Roger Federer.  Then, I bet with my heart.  I will bet on Roger Federer if he is playing on one leg.  Otherwise, do not bet against me in sports!  I knew Kobe and the Lakers would pull this one out and they did!  How about this statistic, Kobe is the leading scorer in the NBA on Christmas Day, even though the Lakers’ record on Christmas is 5 – 9.  Never mind, Lakers win and are on a 5 – 0 winning streak.  Welcome back Steve Nash!

P.S. I told my nephew to keep his $5.00, I only care that the Lakers won!  I love LA!

In Miami in a rematch of last year’s Championship series, OKC falls to the Heat, 103 – 97.

At the half, Houston leads the Bulls, 58 – 41.  Let’s see how this plays out and then we have one more to go, back to LA for Denver vs. Blake Griffin and the LA Clippers.

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