Meryl Davis and Charlie White make history!

Meryl Davis and Charlie White made history, taking home the first ever GOLD medal in ice dancing for the USA.  They are absolutely mesmerizing!  Well deserved!  Their training partners, Virtue and Moir of Canada took silver and the Russian team of Ilinykh and Katsolapov (hope that spelling is correct?) took the bronze.

USA hockey team continues on their path to hopefully meet Canada for the gold medal with a 5-0 thumping of Sweden.  USA!  USA!

Welcome back Bob Costas.  He has been suffering from a pink eye infection and has been replaced by Matt Lauer and Meridith Viera.  Bob is back!  Good to see him as he is the guy we want to see reporting from Sochi.

The NBA All Star game was on last night, from New Orleans.  Did anyone catch it?  I caught bits and pieces,  Kyrie Irving won MVP as the East won in a fourth period surge.  Interesting to see Kobe in his khaki suit on the bench for the West.  Have to wonder if Kobe will “call it a day” for this season and come back better than ever next year for the Lakers.  Hopefully the new and improved Lakers?  No verdict out on this yet, so still a wait and see.  Anyhow, the All Star game was as as usual, no defense, huge scoring and highlight reel moments.  Blake Griffin would have probably been MVP had the West not blown an eighteen point lead.

In other sports related news…have been wondering what happened to Michelle Beadle.  She has been MIA on both Access Hollywood and NBC coverage of the Olympics.  Apparently she is headed back to ESPN in March.  Glad to hear…she and Colin Cowherd were the “bomb” on SportsNation.  I watched that show everyday when they were on.  No word yet on what she will be doing at ESPN but probably a good move for her.  She never really seemed to fit into the Access Hollywood “format”.  So, look for her to surface in the near future back where she belongs.

OK, time to watch Davis and White win their gold.  Hope I did not spoil it for anyone.  It has been all over ESPN news today!

See ya…

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