Messi, USA!, and Wimbledon

My, oh my!  First up, Lionel Messi scores the “beautiful goal” to lift Argentina over Iran in World Cup action with time almost complete!  Then, Team USA faces off against Portugal and an ailing Ronaldo tomorrow (5:30 pm EST on ESPN, be there or be square) in a MUST WIN and finally, Wimbledon (Roger Federer’s best shot at Grand Slam #18?) gets underway on Monday (6/23/14).  What is a sports blogger to do??

First, I have to admit I do not watch soccer.  But this is the World Cup, (kind of like the Olympics, it only happens every four years) and I am increasingly in awe of these athletes.  And, yes I do mean, athletes.  This is on occasion, truly “the beautiful sport” and I see why the Europeans are so obsessed with it and call it their beloved “futbol”.  Now, I love good ole American Football…but this has been something to watch.  The USA winning over Ghana thanks to a head butt goal by Brooks with little time left.  Today, the King, Messi delivering for Argentina with time almost expiring, the “beautiful goal” to lift them to a 1-0 victory over the stubborn and determined team from Iran.  Right now, the talented German team is 0-0 with Ghana at the half.  Tomorrow, no matter what, Team USA wins over Portugal and the other “King”, Ronaldo (wearing a brace on his left knee) and they advance into the round of sixteen.  I love this…win or GO HOME!  USA!  USA!  Never did I think I could get so excited about soccer, but when Messi scored that late goal today, I was screaming and dancing in my den in front of the TV, yes I was!

Now, that other thing I love…or at least that other sports figure I love..Roger Federer!  Mr. Federer and others will begin their quest to conquer the lawns of Wimbledon on Monday, June 23rd and I cannot wait.  This is of course, as the pundits always point out so to speak, Roger’s best shot at Grand Slam #18.  Well, I know he can do it, you know he can do it, and he knows he can do it!!  (There I go with that Witness thing again, I have got to stop watching that movie!)

So, let’s start with the women’s draw, after all it is England and certainly ladies first applies there!  Have to start with the favorite, Serena Williams.  If healthy and on her game, well, game, set and match Serena.  Maria Sharapova, fresh off her second French Open title will be a solid contender but she does not move as well on the grass, and she has not beaten Serena in ten years.  I do not pull for her but she is in the mix.  Li Na should be a threat at #2, Aggie Radwanska at #4 is loveable, but lacks the power.  Newly crowned #3 S. Halep of Romania packs a punch and could well be a contender.  V. Azarenka has returned after her three month rehab of a serious foot injury (yes, that means Redfoo will be in the house) but it remains to be seen how healthy and ready she is.  Others…Bouchard of Canada, Sloane Stephens of the USA…well, we shall see but I have to call Serena Williams the favorite.

Now the boys…Nadal is seeded #1 and Djokovic #2, Murray #3, and Federer #4 with Wawrinka moving back to #5. (So much for the actual ATP rankings)  Have to go with Djokovic of the top two.  Murray, I don’t think so..not based on what I have seen as he struggles to regain his form after minor back surgery (no back surgery is ever “minor”).  Wawrinka could be a surprise but Federer if he plays well, if his “little four” are not too much of a distraction in his world, could be the MAN!  I want this for Roger, I really do.  Please let the stars align and give Roger Federer his 8th Wimbledon and his 18th Grand Slam.  Others lurking…Dimitrov, Raonic with the big serve, Tsonga…but still, I am going to go with my guy, Mr. Federer!

I have some important things going on next week with my own project (Surviving “Paradise”) as well, so I am really hoping the stars align in more ways than one over the course of the next couple of weeks!  GO FED!  Team USA! and well, Me!

update: Ghana and Germany tied at 1-1 in the second period!  Keep you posted!  Oh, Ghana strutting their stuff, 2-1 with 30 minutes left? Stay tuned… Germany scores!  2-2 with just over fifteen minutes left! Final…Germany 2- Ghana 2!  What a game!  So, tomorrow, Team USA needs a win over Portugal to advance!  We’re Americans, we wouldn’t have it any other way!!

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