Michelle Kwan

Welcome to the ACC Notre Dame!(?), except in football…So they will bring their somewhat fading relevance and huge TV money deal to the ACC in all sports except football.  Also, they will play five games against ACC opponents in football.  Hard to say who this is going to benefit most?  The fifty million plus exit fee that will now exist is a stabilizing factor for the ACC.  Still, not sure ACC is the outright winner here.

A little trivia..who is the most decorated U.S. figure skater in history? (male or female)  Answer: Michelle Kwan, who just got engaged.  Congrats to her!  I loved to watch her skate, she brought such heart and joy to her beautiful and elegant performances, she could bring one to tears she was so special.  And, like Roger Federer, she never won Olympic gold.  That’s ok, they are both the best ever!

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