Monday morsels…

It’s Monday!!  OK, what have we got for a Monday??  How about Rory Mcilroy beats Tiger Woods by 1 stroke in an 18 hole exhibition in China.  They have both agreed they would like to do this sort of event again.  Good for them as is it is good for the sport of golf.  They actually get along, people, they like each other, they really do!  (Not to mention the mutual professional respect).

ACC News: Maryland has lost their fourth starting QB this season and has announced that they will start a former linebacker at QB this weekend in their home game against Georgia Tech.  Maybe Georgia Tech can win this game?

MNF will feature the 5 – 2 San Francisco 49ers and their highly regarded defense at the 4 – 3 Arizona Cardinals.

Apologies to everyone, I neglected to mention the upset this past Saturday in College Football; Washington upended previously no. 7 Oregon State 20 – 17.  My bad!!  It happens (it was past my bedtime).

Back later with MNF results!

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